The former ore and refractories storage now houses an exhibition of grain processing machinery. In the late 19th century threshing machines gradually started to replace flails, and the strenuous work of manual threshing became a thing of the past. The exhibited threshing machines are powered by a variety of technologies. Firstly, there is the steam engine used in a traction engine from 1912, then the Güldner Lanova combustion engine (licenced production of Vítkovice Ironworks, 1928), and finally the electric motor used in many post-war threshing machines.

With the gradual innovations in the industry, harvesting threshers (combine harvesters) became widespread, making it possible to increase agricultural yields many times over. Blowers, straw balers, grain cleaners and, to a lesser extent, also machines for land preparation complete the display of threshing machines. The majority of exhibits currently come from Central Bohemia, but we are adding machines also from the Silesian-Moravian Region, whilst documenting the history of all exhibits.

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