identification: tractor
type: Fordson F-Standard
country of origin: USA
manufacturer: Henry Ford and Son Inc.
engine: four-stroke
horse power/revolutions (rev/min): 28/1000
number of cylinders: 4
drilling/return stroke (mm): 102/127
cubic content: 4140
fuel: petrol, paraffin, dynalkol
cooling system: thermosiphon water-cooling
dimensions: 2600x1560x1370 mm
weight: 1285 kg
year of production: 1917

The Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford and his eleven partners in Detroit (USA) in 1903. Since the partners did not support the tractors production plan, Ford founded a joint-stock company for the production of tractors in Deaborn in 1915 with the name Henry ford and son Inc. The model Fordson F-Standard first came on the market in 1917. It was soon exported to the United Kingdom and then the rest of Europe. The exhibit was used in the shooting of the film Dark Blue World.