identification: seeder
type: 56-SeXJ-105
country of origin: Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
manufacturer: Roudnické strojírny a slévárny, n.p.
maximum operating speed: 12-15 km/h
capacity: 3.5-3.9 ha/h
dimensions: 7000x2800x1400 mm
working width: 5880 mm
weight: 1320 kg
year of production: unknown









The machine was used to sow cereals, beetroot, corn, poppy seed, mustard, beans, peas, and other crops. When equipped with a clover seeder, the machine could spread also clover and alfalfa seeds. When in the working position, the machine always ran on four wheels so as to avoid stressing the hydraulics of the tractor pulling the seeder. The seeder was made by Roudnické strojírny a slévárny, n.p. The history of the company dates back to 1880 when Jan Pracner founded the first Czech factory manufacturing ploughs and farming tools in Roudnice. The company successfully expanded until it was taken over by the Germans during the occupation and the agricultural programme was cut down. In 1945 the company was nationalized. In 1964 the company got the name Roudnické strojírny a slévárny, n.p. The production then diversified to include automotive components.