identification: tractor
type: Svoboda 15
country of origin: Czechoslovakia
manufacturer: Svoboda motor
engine: four-stroke horizontal single-cylinder
horse power/revolutions (rev/min): 15/1250
number of cylinders: 1
drilling/return stroke (mm): 115/166
cubic content: 1730
fuel: diesel
fuel consumption (g/k/h): 210-220
cooling system: thermosiphon water-cooling
year of production: 1948

Svoboda motor was a Czech engineering company that was founded in Kosmonosy near Mladá Boleslav in 1926. The  Svoboda DK 15 tractors were made from 1945. The production was discontinued when the company was nationalized in 1949. The exhibit was donated to the National Museum of Agriculture by Ivona Janiczková from Karpentná.