identification: tractor
type: Lanz Bulldog D-3506
country of origin: Germany
manufacturer: Heinrich Lanz, AG
engine: 4700 cm³
horse power/revolutions (rev/min): 19.6/850
number of cylinders: 1
drilling/return stroke (mm): 170
cubic content: 210
fuel: diesel
cooling system: water-cooling
dimensions: 2920x1470x1955 mm
weight: 1800 kg
years of production: 1937-1942
The company Heinrich Lanz AG was founded in 1895 by Heinrich Lanz, originally as an agricultural machinery repair shop. In 1867 the company started to manufacture ploughs, and from 1879 it made steam locomotives. The tractor Lanz Bulldog with an internal combustion engine was produced from 1921.