identification: combine harvester
type: SK-5 Niva
country of origin: USSR
manufacturer: Ростсельмаш
engine: SMD-17K or SMD-18K
grain tank capacity: 3 m3
thresher drum length: 4100 mm
thresher drum diameter: 600 mm
throughput: 5 kg/s
operating speed: 1-18 km/h
fuel: diesel
dimensions: 7607x3930x4100 mm
weight: 7050 kg
year of production: from 1973

The combine harvester SK-5 Niva was imported to the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic from 1974. It was used for  direct and two-phase harvesting of cereals and other crops. The machine had a similar construction to its predecessor SK-4, but with a higher throughput. The main improvement was a new drum with the diameter of 600 mm and a 100k engine with a forced induction. Unlike the SK-4, the new model's reaper had a disconnectable drive that worked independently of the rest of the system. The company Ростсельмаш was founded in 1929 in Rostov-on-Don and focused primarily on the production of combines. In 1984 the company manufactured more than 2,000,000 machines.