Opening hours

1. 11. – 30. 11. Út–Ne 10:00–14:00
29. 10. – 31. 10. Út–Čt 9:00–16:00
28. 10. Po 9:00–17:00
1. 10. – 25. 10. Út–Pá 9:00–16:00
1. 10. – 27. 10. So, Ne 9:00–17:00
1. 5. – 30. 9. Po–Ne 9:00–17:00

Entrance fees

Lektorské programy, prohlídky s průvodcem, workshopy – 80 Kč/osoba

The expositions of the Valtice branch of the National Agricultural Museum are focused on the history of viticulture, fruit growing and natural wealth of the Lednice-Valtice premises. They show how important it is to maintain the fragile balance between mankind and the landscape. 

The exposition of the Lednice-Valtice premises shall guide children and adults through the local fauna and flora; after a tour of the aquarium with live fish you can listen to the sounds of birds or climb into a hide. The exposition of Historical Viticulture Presses and Tools offers unique exhibits, e.g. a wine press from 1719. In the exposition of the Historical Development of Fruit Growing, Market Gardening and Viticulture, you will find not only old garden tools, but also paraffin models of fruit and vegetables that also introduce varieties, which you will no longer find in the stores and orchards.

Every season, the Museum of Viticulture, Horticulture and Landscaping prepares a few exhibitions and events. The popular events are, for instance, the exhibition of annuals or the autumn Grape Harvest and Pumpkin Harvest. We also recommend a visit to the museum to families with small children and school groups for which tutoring programmes have been prepared. 


Address Náměstí Svobody 8, 691 42 Valtice
Phone +420 773 106 197

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