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The National Museum of Agriculture was founded in 1918, however its oldest part, the museum at the Ohrada Hunting Lodge, began operations as early as 1842 and, therefore, is apparently the oldest specialised forestry and hunting museum not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe.

For a hundred years we have been collecting documents on agriculture as one of humankind’s most important activities, which fundamentally changed human society. Agriculture brought about the development of new technology which we use to this day, and influenced our perception of time. The development of science and knowledge changed traditional methods of farming, led to greater efficiency and a growth in crops, as well as, for example, the development of artificial fertilisers, pesticides and meat production. As a society changes, agriculture and our approach towards it changes too. Agriculture is not only a way of providing sustenance. It is life in the countryside and a way of perceiving and reshaping a landscape. Tradition, responsibility and an approach to life.

We present agriculture, forestry, gamekeeping, fishing, the food industry and gastronomy as key areas for ensuring the existence of both individuals and the whole of society. We offer you the most important subjects through dynamic exhibitions and displays in historical contexts. Thanks to interactive elements, visitors themselves become co-discoverers of a range of rules and regulations. We invite you on an adventure through the history of agriculture from the past to the present day.

Agriculture connects our present and our future. We open up new perspectives on the relationship between humans and nature, on the risks and possibilities of sustainable development, and on our livelihood. We bring you themes which concern us all.

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