Ostrava. The Museum of Food and Agricultural Machinery

Date of publication: 4. 1. 2024

The Ostrava branch of the National Agricultural Museum offers exhibitions dedicated to food and agricultural machinery. We present regional agricultural and food traditions.

   How to find us:     Vítkovice 3033, Ostrava-Vítkovice, GPS 49.8215308N, 18.2810942E
 Distance from Prague: 4 hours by car
 Opening hours: current opening hours



In 2020 the museum opened a new exhibition in Lower Vítkovice. The original rail car servicing plant of the Vítkovice ironworks and the warehouse of refractory material, which are closely tied to the Hlubina Mine, were converted into a depository and exhibition building of the National Museum of Agriculture. The designers of the architectural solution to restore both halls, including the installation of a study depository are Josef Pleskot and Milan Šraml.


Visit the Museum of Food and Agricultural Machinery

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