Čáslav. The Museum of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

Date of publication: 4. 1. 2024

The unique collection of tractors and historic ploughshares is one of the most important and largest among similar collections in Europe.

 How to find us:     Jeníkovská 1762, Čáslav, GPS 49.8996411N, 15.4110053E
 Distance from Prague: 1 hour by car
 Opening hours: current opening hours

The Čáslav branch of the National Agricultural Museum is focused mainly on the history of factory brand tractor series, combine harvesters and ploughs. The unique collection ranks among the most significant and biggest decorative collections in Europe.

The machines are located in a modern exposition and also in the partially accessible depositories. Models of the brands Zetor, Svoboda, Wichterle and Kovářík, John Deer and rare prototypes, whose series production never started, can be seen here

The museum is open from April to October, apart from the visitors of the expositions, accessible depositories and exhibitions, the children can also borrow pedal cars or you can visit one of the popular events, such as Great Grandfather’s Tractor.

Visit the Museum of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

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