In the main hall, the visitors’ eyes are likely to be drawn to the ceiling fresco, the work of Georg Werle, which depicts Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunt. The hall also features furniture made of antlers, a ‘fox’ carpet, and a collection of the most imposing deer antlers from the area of Bohemian Forest, which were part of the original collection assembled here at Ohrada.

The exhibition includes variously decorated hunting weapons, which represent high-quality production of well-known Czech rifle makers. Other halls present Czech furred game, including so-called ‘last catches’, but also feathered game from forests, fields, and wetlands, as well as introduced game.

Visitors can learn about various hunting techniques, weapons, and game breeding facilities. Part of the exhibition dedicated to dog breeding includes unique exhibits in the form of hunting dogs which were used for chase and belonged to the last pack of hunting dogs kept at Ohrada in the nineteenth century.

Opening hours

28. 10. Po 10:00–16:00
1. 10. – 27. 10. So, Ne 10:00–16:00
1. 7. – 31. 8. Po–Ne 9:00–18:00
1. 9. – 30. 9. Út–Ne 10:00–17:00
1. 5. – 30. 6. Út–Ne 10:00–17:00
2. 4. – 30. 4. So, Ne 10:00–16:00
1. 4. Po 10:00–16:00

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Entrance fees

dospělí 120 Kč
děti a mládež do 18 let, středoškoláci nad 18 let v rámci školních skupin Vstup pro děti a mládež zdarma platí do všech expozic a výstav muzea. Neplatí na akce pořádané NZM. zdarma
studenti 18–26 let 60 Kč
senioři od 65 let 60 Kč
roční permanentka vždy pro jednu osobu – nepřenosná, platnost 365 dní od zakoupení 300 Kč
zájmové skupiny nad 10 osob starších 18 let (cena za osobu) cena za osobu 100 Kč

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