Visit National Museum of Agriculture Prague


Short-term leases


Hourly rate

(exclusive of VAT)  *

Hourly rate

(Inclusive of 21% VAT)  *

Multifunctional hall (MH) CZK 5,000 CZK 6,050
MH small lecture hall  CZK 2,000  CZK 2,420
Gastro studio  **   CZK 7,000 CZK 8,470
Discovery room CZK 2,000  CZK 2,420
Roof  CZK 10,000  CZK 12,100
Roof + 3rd floor foyer CZK 15,000  CZK 18,150
Roof + 3rd floor foyer + gastro  CZK 20,000 CZK 24,200
Courtyard CZK 6,000 CZK 7,260
Courtyard + tractors CZK 8,000 CZK 9,680
Wedding (Rate for 90 minutes)   CZK 10,000 CZK 12,100
Photographing CZK 5,000 CZK 6,050


Longer leases

  Price exclusive of VAT  * Price inclusive of 21 % VAT
Entire building of the NAM (Rate per day) CZK 190,000 CZK 229,900
Exhibition panels on the roof (Monthly rent) CZK 10,000  CZK 12,100

Special equipment

  Price exclusive of VAT * Price inclusive of 21 % VAT
AC equipment CZK 1,000  CZK 1,210
Big tent with stage   CZK 6,000 CZK 7,260
Small tent  CZK 1,000  CZK 1,210
Beer set (table + 2 benches)  CZK 300   CZK 363


* Rent to the departmental organisations of the Ministry of Agriculture and partner organisations is determined individually and approved by the general director of the NAM or director of the Prague branch.

** The rental price for the cooking courses may be set individually as per agreement.


The rental price outside the opening hours of the NMA is set according to the ordered services. 

The rental time is calculated from the moment when the tenant takes over the premises and their return to the museum staff member upon the end of the event.

During the museum opening hours, the visitors to each tenant event can visit the museum exposition free-of-charge upon observance of the Regulations for Visitors to the Museum.

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