Museum of Viticulture, Horticulture and Landscaping – Valtice

We Are Preparing New Exhibitions

We Are Preparing New Exhibitions

Three new exhibitions, the modernisation of the entire premises of the Museum of Viticulture, Horticulture and Landscaping, the improvement of storage conditions and the presentation of collection funds are all covered by an investment of 58 million Czech crowns. The National Museum of Agriculture has obtained almost 50 million crowns from the Integrated Regional Operational Programme, while according to the conditions of funding, 15% of the total sum, or approximately 8 million crowns, shall be paid by the museum’s founder, the Ministry of Agriculture.

This innovation will bring visitors three entirely new and modern exhibitions; the National Viniculture Exhibition, the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape Exhibition and the Secret Life of Soil exhibition.

The multimedia Lednice-Valtice Landscape exhibition not only presents visitors to the museum with natural beauty, but also architectural heritage sites in the region.

The extensive exhibition dedicated to wine-making will tell the story of wine growing from its origins to the present day, the method of growing grapes and producing wine, and will show us the origins of a grape vine and its pedigree, while not forgetting the union of wine and food or the history of serving. The viniculture exhibition will also include the existing exhibition of wine presses. 

We Are Preparing New Exhibitions, National museum of agriculture ValticeThe third new feature is the The Secret Life of Plants exhibition. This entirely new exhibition will be created in the as yet unused vaulted basement and will characterise soil as a foundation of human civilisation and an fundamental production tool in the field of agriculture.

The new exhibition presents collection items from six sub-collections, which are managed by the Valtice branch of the National Museum of Agriculture.

An further integral part of these new features is investment into structural modifications including the renovation of facilities, construction of a lift for visitors, digitisation of collection items and the improvement of conditions for their storage in depositories, which are currently in a state of partial disrepair.


Though the project is due to be completed in June 2019, the museum will remain open to the public during the renovation work.