Museum of Viticulture, Horticulture and Landscaping – Valtice

Reconstruction has begun, the museum is closed

Reconstruction has begun, the museum is closed

On April 2018, long-awaited construction work began at the museum in Valtice – we officially launched the project Modernisation of the Site and Streamlining of the Administration of Sub-collections of the National Museum of Agriculture Valtice. The reconstruction work will last for more than a year, and besides the creation of new exhibitions, its main aim is to improve the storage conditions of the museum’s collection fund.

We Are Preparing New Exhibitions

You can look forward to three new exhibitions – the National Viniculture Exhibition, The Secret Life of Soil and a new arrangement of the existing Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape exhibition. Modernising the premises will also significantly improve conditions for the storage of collection items in depositories. 

Wheelchair Access and a Courtyard Balcony

The roof of the building and the attic will also be reconstructed, and a small exposure will be created in the loft area that has not previously been accessible. The museum will gain a new courtyard balcony in the courtyard area of the second floor. The modernisation will also make exhibitions accessible to visitors with limited mobility. The museum will offer them wheelchair access and the construction of a lift will contribute to increased convenience. 


The project for the modernisation of the premises and improvement of the management of the sub-collections of the National Museum of Agriculture Valtice shall be funded from the European Union Integrated Regional Operational Programme (IROP) and the Ministry of Agriculture, which is the founder of the National Museum of Agriculture.

Thanks to involvement in the IROP programme, an entirely new branch of the National Museum of Agriculture has been created in Ostrava, namely a depository and exhibition building on premises in Lower Vítkovice, as well as a new, low-cost depository at the National Museum of Agriculture Čáslav – Museum of Agricultural Technology.