Czech Countryside Museum – Kačina Castle

Events at Kačina

Events at Kačina

Every year we have prepared a record number of exhibits and public events for you at Kačina. We are building on the success of last year’s “fairy tale” season, however, this year it should be even more varied and include links to the establishment of the château, the National Museum of Agriculture and Czechoslovakia.


In the high season, the museum will be open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. including Mondays.

Meanwhile due to the emergency regarding COVID-19 we are temporarily closed until further notice.


Throughout the season, we will be offering four standard circuits showing everyday life at the aristocratic residence in the Empire era, for example the life of the noble Chotek family (château salons, library, chapel, theatre, greenhouse, kitchens, stables and more). From June to September, you will also be able to join a costumed tour with the mysterious character Count Rudolf. This tour, which is part of the project “Open the 13th Chamber”, ends this year. It is your last opportunity to experience Kačina in a slightly different way. The tour is particularly suitable for children.

In addition to regular tours, on selected days in July and August the museum will also be holding interactive tours for the whole family – fairy tales for children, costumed tours with a story, concerts and evening tours.

Selected events at the Kačina Château

April 2021 – Gates of Sites Wide Open

April 2021– Château Fair

June 2021 – Museum Night (projection mapping)

June 2021 – Open Garden Weekend

June 2021 – MAKAČÍNO – Kačina Theatre Festival

August 2021 – Castle-Château Night

September 2021 – KEFIR – a multi-genre festival for families with children

September 2021 – Harvest Supper and Wine Harvest

October 2021 – Château Riding Festival and Hubert’s Ride

December 2021 – Advent Sunday at the Château